1/23/2010 02:55:13 am

Congrats on your new website I loved the info on Bloody Sunday and am looking forward to much more Well done

1/24/2010 09:06:30 am

brits out women of ireland cum an naban

Thomas Ledwidge
1/24/2010 12:55:20 pm

Congratulations on the new website Kieran.It looks fantastic. Keep up the good job man. Tiocfaidg ar la,

geraldine rushe
1/25/2010 07:06:04 am

hope this lasts longer for you than facebook, keep the pricks off it...Tiocfaidh ar La!!

1/25/2010 07:36:39 am

Good job a chara Tiocfaidh ar la.

mary coyle
1/25/2010 07:52:30 am

well dun TAL

Marnik Phlypo
1/25/2010 08:35:58 am

Kieran you did it again , greater than before,...keep up the good work mate,..your the man,..i even give the adress to some friends of me living in Belgium Flanders who dont use Facebook ,they find it awesome..Keep up the faith ...TAL

fiona mitchell
1/25/2010 09:03:19 pm

Tiocfaidh ar La!!

1/26/2010 07:42:03 am

Congrats!! Kieran ..
tiocfaidh ár lá

Celestial Fenian
1/26/2010 09:08:25 am

Good job on keeping the faith

1/27/2010 07:57:05 pm

well done mo chara

Colum Radford
1/28/2010 08:31:38 am

Is maith sin a chara.

david stynes
1/29/2010 09:26:18 pm

Tiocfaidh ar La!!

david stynes
1/29/2010 09:31:37 pm

Joe Stynes was born in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland on January 15, 1903. Athlete, patriot, father and friend are words synonymous with Joe Stynes, the renowned Clan na Gael leader of the latter half of the 20th century.

Around 1927, Stynes emigrated to the United States, settling in New York City. He remained active in both North American GAA and emigrant Irish Republican groups.... See more

He regularly returned to visit Ireland, and represented America in football internationals against Ireland at the Tailteann Games in Dublin in both 1928and 1932. During his 1928 trip, he turned out once more for Dublin in their Leinster Final defeat to Kildare He also represented New York in challenge tour matches against Mayo in 1932and Kerry in 1933. In December 1932, he won a Dublin junior club title with Sean McDermotts. He won New York state championships with Kildare in 1938[ and with Kilkenny as late as 1947.... See more

Stynes was politically active in Clan na Gael, and after 1948 was leader of the few branches that had remained loyal to the rump of the IRA.In 1938, he signed on behalf of the American GAA an Irish-American petition for the release of Frank Ryan, the IRA leader imprisoned by Franco's Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War for fighting in the International Brigades. After the decline of Clan na Gael, and the outbreak of the Northern Troubles, he was sympathetic to NORAID. He sided with Republican Sinn Féin after its 1986 split from Provisional Sinn Féin, and in 1987 he co-founded the National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC; Irish: Cumann Na Saoirse Náisiúnta) for its American supporters

Joseph Andrew Stynes married Bridget Mahon 06-Jan-1930 in St Stephen RC Church at New York, New York. Joseph was born 15-Jan-1903 at Newbridge, Ireland. Joe was very active in the IRA which he joined in 1920. He was a friend of Michael Collins but after the treaty of December 1921 he sided with DeValera and the anti-treatyites. At Joe's death, Gerry Adams the Sinn Fein leader sent a message to the mourners. Seeking more details of Joe's descendants. Joseph died 29-Jan-1991 at New York, New York; Remains: Woodlawn Cemetery

Joe was #1 to all of us who worked with him in the Clan over the last twenty or more years of this (now betrayed) campaign, and although I miss his guidance and experience, at times I am grateful that he missed the full extent of the current treachery.

Joe was no novice to failure and betrayal. He witnessed the establishment of the Free State and with his brothers rose again in arms against the Treaty and the traitors who betrayed the Republic, for which they had fought and bled. He was jailed for his part in the Civil War and upon his release he left a divided Ireland and sailed for America.

He joined the Clan upon his arrival in New York and remained faithful for life to the precepts of the Clan's Fenian legacy.

My years with Stynes and Sheehan as my mentors opened for me a connection with a veritable Who's Who of Irish Republicanism stretching back to the Black and Tan era and the Civil War.

Cosgrove, Healey and 0 Higgins were judged and found wanting as were Mac Eoin, Collins and Lemass. The arch fiend de Valera was skewered each and every week, as was Sean McBride, who deserted the Movement in the dark days before World War 11, and de Valera's programs of the 1940s (that lasted past the death of Sean MacCaughey in 1946).

The heroes of the long struggle came alive once more. Cathal Brugha, Maire McSweeney, Sean Tracey, Dan Breen, John Joe Sheehy, John Joe Rice, Sean Russell, Liam Lynch, Liam Mellows, Harry Boland, Peadar 0 Donnell, Frank Ryan, Joe McGarrity, George Plant, Harry White, Joe Crystal, the three Mac's, Charlie Kerins and Richard Goss. South, 0 Hanlon and the Edentubber martyrs were remembered with pride tempered with regret.

But it wag the martyrs of this campaign that brought the struggle full circle and unbroken. The Hunger Strikers, Loch Gall and the Gibraltar Martyrs were spoken of by younger members of the Camp who had known or served with many of the martyrs. But it was the murder of our fellow camp member Liam Ryan in 1989, that brought it back home to all of us. In old Joe's own words; "A shame and a waste of a brave Irish Patriot."

Now before we create the image of Joe Stynes as a single faceted individual, we must remember that this great Fenian was also a repeat All Ireland Champion, a stalwart of the New York GAA and the father and grandfather of a large and loving family, and a man who followed baseball, football and other American sports, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention his keen appreciation of the French art of cognac making

1/30/2010 07:25:42 am

1/30/2010 07:34:10 am

sorry 'bout that, i dropped the computer on my foot!! ouch...

nice site, can catch up on my history and even get music! wicked...!!

thanks for all ya hard work, i appreciate it.

what does

Tiocfaidh ar La!!

mean?? (i'm from boston, ma)

1/31/2010 07:51:55 am

hi sue it means OUR DAY WILL COME

Sèamuis McGuire
2/1/2010 05:14:49 am

Tiocfaidh àr là mo charas Èirinn go bràch :-) Real IRA

2/3/2010 05:44:36 am

Hi Kieran just got back into your site well done and thank you keep it up!!
Great Stuff

Hi Kieran just got back into your site great stuff!! well done and thank you
Keep it up please.
Tiocfaidh ar la

2/3/2010 07:55:16 am

Well Done, A Chara, very impressed with your layout!! very straight forward and easy to use.

All you need now is to keep the content trickle sorted and the idiots way from it !!!

good Luck!!

Caroline Ryan
2/7/2010 10:41:46 am

Congratulations on your new site, Kieran. It looks fantastic; you've done a wonderful job. Good luck and God Bless... TAL!

barry chrismas
2/7/2010 05:00:14 pm

well done kieron excellent site your efforts are apreciated.
tiocfaidh ar la

Fiona Middleton
2/8/2010 08:42:24 am

Great website Kieran !!!
Many people from around the world have no idea of the atrocities the Irish people have had to endure throughout history.
I live in Australia and have irish heritage, recently started studying my ancestry and have learned much.
My grandparents hardly ever talked about the tough times they experienced during their lives in Ireland.
I am shocked and appalled at the treatment of the Irish people by the British government....
We need more websites like this to spread awareness all over the world!
I have learned much from your writing and discussions.....Keep up the great work !

Bréanainn Clonfert
2/8/2010 09:05:07 am

Great site, Kieran ! God bless the Republican movement ! TAL !

2/8/2010 06:50:49 pm

well done! TAL

Scott Wilbur Sinclair
2/8/2010 07:04:52 pm

Cheers Kieran, learning alot about our Irish history, and the music is awsome. Keep ridin the silver eagle.

2/9/2010 02:07:04 am

All my suport from Catalonia, Kieran.
Brothers in Arms!
Tiocfaidh Ár Lá!

Fiona Chassels
2/9/2010 04:34:01 am

Hi Kieran, well done mate with the site, your doing a grand job, Tiocfaidh ar La!

Fiona x

2/12/2010 04:44:13 am

great page lads keep her flying

2/12/2010 04:48:45 am

good on ya., mo chara. xx

2/12/2010 07:11:56 am

Thanks for posting the link Kieran :)

2/12/2010 01:37:22 pm

Excellent!:-) thanks!

chris williams
2/13/2010 07:28:05 am

great to see youv got a page on facebook kieran,thanks and keep up the great work......thanks

kevin cassidy (cashbhoy)
2/24/2010 05:25:45 pm

great website mo chara keep her lit TAL

2/24/2010 06:04:06 pm

Great site well done keep it lit

Maitiú Ó Slatiascaigh
2/28/2010 07:32:23 pm

Up the Republic!

mike vearnals
3/1/2010 04:03:56 pm

keep up the good work

Irish Wayne
3/4/2010 03:29:15 pm


paul devlin
3/10/2010 08:29:59 pm

great site mo chara, bookmarked and will be visiting frequently, tiochfadh ar' la'

3/26/2010 12:58:27 am

Brilliant site Kieran! Well done you for not being put off by censorship, don't let the bastards bring you down, get back up and keep right on going.

Tiocfaidh Ar La

4/7/2010 06:59:25 am

i have really enjoyed your site

4/8/2010 02:42:15 am

great site, Tiocfaidh ar la.

5/7/2010 05:29:37 am

best website......tiocfaidh ar la

5/24/2010 12:04:26 am

great site

5/24/2010 12:07:06 am

Gilbert-Paul Jeannon
6/2/2010 03:41:52 pm

Excellent keep the green black and red in the public domain, saying no to poltical and historical revisionism of the national question.

6/18/2010 01:35:03 am

Greetings from the Manx Republicans


Support us! :)

7/29/2010 10:47:53 am

what a lovely layout!Thank you for sharing this. I do hope you manage to hold onto this one.

mark o toole
7/29/2010 11:10:58 am

great job a chara Tiocfaidh ar la.

8/1/2010 09:08:08 am

Great site mo chara's, only recently found it and will definately be returning and passing it on. Keep up the good work. Tiochfiadh Ár-Lá

8/2/2010 09:44:10 am

love your website very informative indeed
will let all my friends know about you keep up the good work


10/18/2010 05:26:46 am

I love your website Congrats!

2/7/2011 06:23:10 am

IRA - real hero. (Polish "Home Army" in II world war). Congrats from Poland.

3/22/2011 07:01:54 pm

There is no rose without a thorn.

briain o heidirsceoil
6/21/2011 08:49:28 am

Well done on the site kieran good job, agus tiofaidh at la

frank mc carron
7/4/2011 03:24:59 am

hi ya mate

great site you have here and some great reading,keep up the good work.seen it on the magilligan facebook page

Tiocfaidh ár lá
mo chara

Maura Jackman
7/4/2011 03:29:18 am

Great page - well done x

Joe C Garngad Irish
7/19/2011 11:22:03 am

Just stun=mbled on your site,great work
Joe c Garngad Irish

Eddie Travers
7/21/2011 03:58:42 am

Excellent work here comrade

Marilyn Collins
7/23/2011 11:35:54 am

Thank you! I'm supporting however I can.

Erik and Claudia
8/3/2011 08:12:20 am

Congratulations to this fantastic and very informative Page.

Erik and Claudia from the Pike Family

Free Brendan Lillis !!!

1/20/2012 11:54:17 pm

Great to see a well laid out site with good information.
I would be very happy to post any stories you have on the Sharedtroubles.net website which is totally free of agenda - Just plain and frank stories


brilliant site. up the south armagh ra. victory to the provos. god bless slab and the boys.

Mike E. Coon
2/1/2013 01:09:00 pm

I love the history told nearly first hand. Blood kin to me Owen Coon, Carleton Coon, Keenan Coon, me, and other family members did loads of contraband moving under the master embargo runner, Capt. J.M. Decker. All to help the fight of ridding Ireland, of inbred yellow teethed feral sanguinary killers-UK scum

Donna h
2/7/2013 10:36:59 am

Very informational. What can I do from the states to help?

2/7/2013 11:31:12 am

Can anyone tell me where I might get a copy of the IRA Green Book. I already have the downloaded version but would prefer the book. Thank a ton

3/6/2013 05:14:45 am

Was an avid reader and sharer of your facebook site. Love the website, well done and keep the information coming.

3/6/2013 07:53:21 am

loved your facebook page. best of luck with the new website. they cant keep us down.

Sarah Rosewarne
3/18/2013 09:20:30 pm

I found your site so informational, thankyou, but i was just wondering who is the author of this site?

2/18/2014 07:00:35 am

Good luck to all Irish republicans in 2014, still fighting for Ireland's freedom - you have plenty of supporters in Alba!

7/16/2015 12:49:11 am

Your site is unique and enlightening. I appreciate a good work.

Brian benson
9/11/2016 12:47:50 pm

Very interesting site. Thank you for your work and dedication to doing it. So many have given their all for Ireland and so proud they were to do so. So many sad and terrible times and crimes against Ireland. But she has risen above it and stands tall in the world of freedom against tyranny. "Shoulder to shoulder we will answer Irelands call." And they did and always will. Proud I am my father was born in Ireland. Charles John - Cahersiveen Co. Kerry 1917.

Kitty Renee' Moore
2/17/2018 08:11:02 am

This is a wonderful site, I've already learned so much. I thank you for this ! I'm an American with Irish and Scottish roots struggling to understand why the Brits control Ireland at all. I wholeheartedly support a free Ireland, and am outraged by enternment ! Thank you for all the work you've done to create this site!


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