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1/20/2012 03:30:34 am

cén fáth go mbeadh tú a bheith ar mian leo scum murdering as jail. agus beidh an chuid eile den scum go bhfuil ag siúl na sráideanna Uladh ba chóir a bheith taobh thiar barraí cosúil leis an cunt gur shiúil fíor-IRA scum nó lá a thagann an IRA agus fíor-IRA scum

William MacDonald
11/20/2015 03:17:40 am

It was interesting to read your history of volunteer Kevin McCracken however you seem to have strayed from the truth concerning his last day. First there was no evidence that Kevin was accompanied by any other volunteer...second he was in possession of a high powered rifle which for reasons unknown the magazine was not attached to the weapon and therefore highly unlikely that he had a round up the spout. A Brick Commander detected him and this Brick Commander fired four shots at him whilst he tried to flee. Two shots hit. He was definitely not shot by a sniper as you claimed. These two shots did not kill him straight away as he died soon after. There was rumours that the ambulance was deliberately delayed in getting to him but this was never verified.

The night Kevin died the army where carrying out a cordon around Sean Savage's home simply to prevent PIRA from smuggling in weapons to the home of Sean for the sole purpose of firing a salute during the funeral.

I want to say that even though Kevin was on the opposite side I greatly admired his courage and determination to fight for his country...


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